Family Taekwondo delivers a variety of important health and social benefits in addition to being a great fitness plan. Training together in Martial Arts can reduce depression, improve blood circulation, regulate temperature, and improve overall health of the body. It’s also known to improve interpersonal relationships dramatically. Every day kids and adults come to learn […]

We have many classes available for kids of all ages. Below is a listing of the programs that we offer at Quest Martial Arts. Dragons For children in the approximate developmental stage of four years. One class per week of 30 minutes. Focus on developing appropriate life skills cooperative play-social skill sequencing/ordering-intellectual skill expression-emotional skill […]

At Quest Martial Arts we offer a variety of summer activities with our Martial Arts Summer Program and the Martial Arts Summer Camp. Our facility has been serving our community with Summer fun and healthy activities for many years in Ann Arbor, MI. Keith Copeland, the founder of Quest Martial Arts has a unique karate […]

All of our programs are based on the ancient ninja martial art of ninjutsu. It has been cited as the most effective martial art in the world by the Discovery Channel program “Fight Science” Our self defense classes are based on real life attacks. When you walk out of one of our classes you will […]