Ninjutsu Michigan

Ninjutsu Michigan? Absolutely! Ann Arbor is home to Quest Martial Arts. And we have been teaching ninjutsu since 1998. Thousands of students have learned the perseverance, confidence and leadership that a true ninjutsu school provides. We like to say that we teach protectors, not predators. The strong supportive community is modeled on the ninja village. […]

Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor

“Earning a black belt at Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor signifies an ending, a beginning, and a celebration and an acknowledgement of the transformation I have undergone. Furthermore, it signifies that I have the ability to persevere and to be connected and in the moment. And finally, it represents a responsibility for me to live […]

We say something at the beginning of every Black Belt class at Quest Ann Arbor Martial Arts . “In every moment lies the potential for the answers (or enlightenment) you seek”.  It reminds us to be alive and aware at all times. Learning to focus more clearly and more often has been a central part […]