zen and ninjutsu

Zen and Ninjutsu share a common belief of selflessness and openness to the world. “Let us all gain happiness by expelling grief, sorrow, and distress from our hearts. Happiness is the supreme satisfaction that this life offers. Dispel dissatisfaction and sorrow, rethink the source to find happiness.” -Takamatsu Sensei   The previous Grandmaster of Ninjutsu, […]

Martial arts has a host of benefits that go beyond simply being better prepared to defend yourself (though that does remain an important part of why it is great to learn a martial art style.) Let’s explore the mental benefits that are enjoyed by those who have begun practicing a form of their choice. It […]

What is martial arts focus? Martial artists are able achieve amazing feats in their art and in life. This is due to the self-discipline they develop over years of practice and training.   Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi relates this focus to the traditional ninjutsu technique of throwing weapons: “For thrown weapons, the mind must act as […]

Ninjutsu training is not just about training the body, it is also about training the mind. The students at Quest Martial Arts are able to practice both. “There have been numerous moments of later that would have angered me in the past but, due to the mind science training, I have been able to examine […]