All of our programs are based on the ancient ninja martial art of ninjutsu. It has been cited as the most effective martial art in the world by the Discovery Channel program “Fight Science”
Our self defense classes are based on real life attacks. When you walk out of one of our classes you will have an “out of the box” collection of techniques to defeat any attacker.

You will learn:

Specific defenses from the most common attacks

Core principles that you can use effectively

How to use these principles in every area of your life (career, workplace, school, relationships)

How to use very little effort to achieve massive results

I wish I had access to this information as a child. We believe that everyone should be able to learn these powerful, yet simple secrets to creating an amazing life!

If you live in the Ann Arbor area and you want to make your life or your child’s life all it can be then come train with us at Quest Martial Arts. You will learn to unleash the amazing person that you are, but may have been afraid to embrace.

Call or come in today to begin the martial arts training that you know can make a major difference for you or your child.

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