Martial Arts for Mental Development

May I also take this opportunity to say how good your program is. I know that [my daughters and sons] thoroughly enjoy the program and I find watching them equally enjoyable. Equally the mental goals (for want of a better term – concepts like focus and discipline etc) are extremely useful and compliment – I hope – our approach at home. There is a definite sense of ‘family’ – stronger than a ‘team’ – yet without being too intrusive. I should say that the excellence of your program is, in my opinion, entirely down to all the instructors. I have been teaching in university environments for years and I speak a small amount of knowledge perhaps; the instructors’ enthusiasm, knowledge and ability to teach are exemplary.

I have been saying for some time that I should take part myself. But when I see Rosie do her rolls, with what seems to me a good technique, and then I try to practice with her at home, I realize my limitations!

Thank you, I L

(This parent has since enrolled and is an enthusiastic adult student)