Positive Change

My 10 year-old son has been studying at Quest for just over a year now and I feel that the Quest staff is supportive, caring and committed not only to its students, but their families. I have been consistently impressed by this positive attitude and their ongoing commitment to their students. I feel they create a strong sense of community by talking to parents (or other family members) about our child’s/children’s progress; however, they take that a step further by taking the time to come over, shake our hands and get to know us on a personal level.

I have seen a positive change in my son’s attitude since he’s been taking classes at Quest; he is motivated and looks forward to going to class each week and working towards achieving his personal goals. He truly feels that the teachers at Quest care about him, which in itself is a motivator for him. Quest staff “walks the walk!”

My son and I have had several occasions to recommend Quest to individuals who have questioned him about Quest and we will continue to recommend Quest whenever possible. I am thankful for, and grateful to, the staff at Quest and look forward to my son’s continued success there.