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kid doing a karate punch

Martial Arts
For Kids

The Martial Arts for Kids programs offered at Quest Martial Arts, in Ann Arbor, MI, are a great way to instill virtues like integrity, courtesy, and respect in children

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Quest Martial arts teen in stance

Martial Arts
For Teens

In our Martial Arts for Teens classes, students have fun getting fit and learning real life practical applications as well as a system to de-stress one’s self from the daily challenges of life.

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man in karate stance

Martial Arts
For Adults

Quest Martial Arts has designed, incorporated, and tested a top tier Martial Arts training system utilized in class so that students can experience an excellent workout while gaining Life, Leadership and true self-defense skills in a supportive community environment.

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Hear What Quest Students and Families Are Saying

Wonderful Birthday Party

Quest offered a wonderful birthday party for our son. They handled the invitations and RSVPs. The kids had a ball playing samurai tag, working on martial arts skills, and running an obstacle course. All of the activities were orderly and the kids behaved well, so everyone had fun. We appreciated the structure that Quest offered, because we did not have to plan a thing. We look forward to receiving our group photo as a special remembrance of an amazing birthday party!


They Make Learning Fun

Quest has improved the way my children act at home and at school. They are respectful to everyone. They now stay focused and on task. Their confidence and everything is great. They are more self-disciplined. The instructors are very good and encouraging. They make learning fun. My kids just love it at Quest and so do I. And the birthday parties are a blast.


Genuine, Generous, Healthy, and Wholesome

The martial arts education and cardio workouts at Quest are excellent, but I believe they are secondary in value to the self-esteem and confidence building that is incorporated into every aspect of Quest. Quest's philosophy is remarkably genuine, generous, healthy, and wholesome, for adults and children both. The skills students learn at Quest will serve them will throughout their lives


Star Student

My son Started classes in 2009 and struggled with attention, focus, and concentration. He required dozens of prompts before completing requested tasks like brushing his teeth, homework, chores, etc. Within 2 months of starting classes at Quest, Justin began completing tasks after the first prompt. His teachers at school we concerned with his ability to focus, he is now a star student. Thank you Quest for everything you have done to improve Justin's quality of life.


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A Message from School Owner Keith Copeland

Quest Martial Arts is a Life Skills Academy, improving lives since 1998.

Imagine you, or your child, learning the life changing skills of Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Goal Setting and Decision Making. All this while learning the most effective (AND FUN) martial arts on the planet!

Our team is standing by to show you how our team and facility can help you get the critical skills to create the life you and your family deserve and deserve. Visit Quest Martial Arts located at 2111 Packard Rd., Suite E Ann Arbor, MI 48104 for our Martial Arts for Kids, Teens,
and adults as well as our Self-Defense, Ninjitsu and Taekwondo Programs!

Get The 3 Secrets To Creating Success

A Black Belt has 3 key qualities:

Self Discipline

Knowing what you are supposed to do, and then doing it WITHOUT having to be told. This is a critical quality, for kids AND adults, that creates leaders and followers. Self-Discipline is at the heart of our teaching philosophy.


The ability to get your attention on the most important thing at the moment. Imagine how effective your can be when you have the ability to develop laser focus – one thing at a time. Our programs are designed to hone your focus.


Understanding that you create more success and do it faster by enlisting others help is a key to great leadership. If you want to have great results you need to influence people to support you. Developing a strong sense of Respect helps in all areas of your life. We teach respect of self, others, community and environment.

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Fun AND Effective Classes

Our instructors complete a thorough training program that teaches them not only to be masters of the art, but master teachers as well.

Keith and Donna Copeland, the founders of Quest Martial Arts, had an Organizational Development consulting business for ten years helping Fortune 500 companies improve their human systems.

We built those very same world class tools and techniques into our classes and everything we do so you can get the same executive level benefits to create extraordinary results.

Give us a call Today (734) 332-1800

zen and ninjutsu

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The Mental Health Benefits of Martial Arts

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Ninjutsu training for the body and the mind

Ninjutsu training is not just about training the body, it is also about training the mind. The students at Quest Martial Arts are able to practice both. “There have been numerous moments of later that would have angered me in the past but, due to the mind science training, I have been able to examine […]