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Quest Martial Arts

At Quest Martial Arts, we take a family approach to teaching the Martial Arts. We take pride in offering the community of Ann Arbor an opportunity to train and get better in an environment that is safe, supportive, and collaborative. As a Black Belt school, we also feel strongly in our ability to take students of all experience levels from the very beginning of their training through belt progressions to the achievement of a Black Belt. Our facility is open to athletes of all ages and experience levels and we invite you to try out the art of Ninjutsu today!

Our Expert Team

Our team of highly skilled instructors at Quest Martial Arts will help you build and sharpen your self-defense skills no matter what experience level you begin with.


Our Core Values

We value family and community and for that reason, we offer Ann Arbor the most comprehensive training around - all in an environment free of pressure and intimidation.


Our Mission

We are committed to helping you get fit and stay safe with our high energy Martial Arts Classes. We are dedicated to your success and work hard every day to make sure you achieve it.


Our Promise

We promise to provide you with a safe and supportive place to train each and every time you visit. You can trust that at Quest Martial Arts, we’ve always got your back!

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts

Meet our Instructors

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Ann Arbor Parents

"At Quest a big focus is on developing leaders, young leaders... We're looking at character development, and that's something that we're not really seeing much in school. Schools do a wonderful job at helping them succeed academically, but making them true leaders and people of great character... .... Read more

Ann Arbor parent loves the leadership program

Catherine T. , Quest Martial Arts testimonialS

We are so happy to have enrolled Shane into the cool kids last year! In his first year of training he has gained so much self confidence and self control! I love how involved his instructors are in his trainings, home-life and school-life. Shane has gained a lot of helpful skills! He is now in .... Read more

Catherine T.

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