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Julia G.

Quest had changed my life. I have learned many invaluable self defense skills, and improved my confidence and self discipline greatly in the year I have been taking classes there. The teachers are amazing and everyone is very friendly. I felt so welcomed to take classes and join the community.

Vanessa L.

Quest has been an amazing experience! They have fantastic teachers that are really great at engaging the kids and getting them to really listen to what is being said. It's even better that that also reflects at home. Highly recommend.

Scott A.

Our kids just love spending time at Quest. I knew it was a good choice when I heard my kids (8, 5, & 4) start talking about their "self-discipline." We would highly recommend Quest Martial Arts to anyone!

Cliff D.

My sons are 8 and 6. They have been attending Quest for 3 years now. The difference between Quest and the other martial arts program they were in before is, Quest Martial Arts is one big family. The owners are very attentive to all of their students and parents. The instructors are students who have worked hard and earned the privilege to become leaders in the dojo. I love this place! #blackbeltandbeyond

Bryce D.

I've been going to Quest now for 9 years, and I"m also on the instructional staff. I love my training experience. I've learned a lot, like focus, respect, self-disicpline, comunication skills and much more.

David P.

The Quest community is fantastic. The instructors, staff and leadership are great and foster personal growth and confidence in all areas of life. We highly recommend this fine school to everyone.

Steven S.

Positive environment, very knowledgeable instructors, and great physical and life skills taught.

Mikke M.

I have been going there for years and to be honest the instructors are comedic and very helpful at learning to defend yourself.

Joshua H.

Won 2 week trial membership after finishing little league for the season.

Super gracious staff. We decided not to move forward for various logistical/financial reasons, but look forward to visiting them again when the time is right.

My words to the staff

"These past 2 weeks have been magical. We have had a wonderful time in our private and group lessons. My 3 boys and I all earned our white belts, memorized our lines from the student creed, learned important lessons about self-discipline, focus and respect, and felt immensely welcomed and supported by our teacher's (Keith, Stephanie, etc).

I am humbled by your generosity (the Gi, the Tshirts, the smiles, the trial classes) and by your graciousness even though we aren't continuing right now.

We hope to see you in the future someday soon.


Julia G.

Quest is an amazing place! I have been there for about a year and a half and it is like a second home. The instructors are so welcoming and knowledgeable and helpful, and I always look forward to going to class. At Quest I have not only learned cool physical skills, I have also gained so much confidence. I always leave with a smile 

Cody C.

I have just recently earned my yellow belt and feel I have been with Quest long enough to give fair feedback. The staff at Quest make you feel welcome and always provide the guidance to better yourself. I greatly enjoyed my time so far and can't wait to continue my quest (pun totally intended) to obtain my black belt.

Ann Arbor Parents
Ann Arbor parent loves the leadership program

"At Quest a big focus is on developing leaders, young leaders... We're looking at character development, and that's something that we're not really seeing much in school. Schools do a wonderful job at helping them succeed academically, but making them true leaders and people of great character... Here at Quest I'm seeing that. And that was another point that my wife and I liked a lot, in terms of developing those traits and characteristics that allow someone to become a successful leader."

Ann Arbor Taekwondo
Catherine T.

We are so happy to have enrolled Shane into the cool kids last year! In his first year of training he has gained so much self confidence and self control! I love how involved his instructors are in his trainings, home-life and school-life. Shane has gained a lot of helpful skills! He is now in level 1 and loves it so much! I enjoyed hearing about how he broke his 1st board today and bummed that I missed it! Looking forward to this next year!

Kids Martial Arts Parents

Mom joined because of kid

Ann Arbor Taekwondo
Scott L.

Our youngest started at age 4 in March of this year. He had a history of getting easily frustrated with others and losing focus when something just wasn't interesting to him. The instructors have been patient and spectacular; and the changes we have seen in his attitude, ability to focus, and his level of respect for others is nothing short of amazing. He absolutely loves it! We are very thankful for all that Quest has done for him, and our family. Plus they throw awesome parties for the students and their friends! Both our boys had a blast at the Minecraft party just last night!

Our whole family is benefiting

"He's really taken ownership of his studies, in and out of class. My wife and I were taken by the atmosphere here at Quest. The first time we came here, the first few times, there was something palpable that was extremely positive in the air ,and it just kind of seemed to emanate from all the instructors. We really, really enjoyed that.

Each individual working here as something hat's very, very positive and it's very, very relaxing. I've actually had a stressful day before coming here and I've come here and I found myself just leaving and feeling kind of relaxed."

Martial Arts Parent
Sarah F.

I started at Quest in mid May and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. My self-confidence has improved leaps and bounds and has opened my eyes to things I never would have known or even thought about otherwise. The instructor team are some of the best people I've met and probably ever will meet in my entire life; they've become like a second family to me already. There is just so much positivity and support at Quest that I honestly don't even know how I got by in my life without it. I can and will definitely recommend Quest to ANYBODY that wants to look into martial arts.

Edward B.

Life lessons, community, martial arts. Awesome experience during my time there.

Martial Arts Student

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