Taekwondo And Karate And Why We Teach Ninjutsu

We teach Ninjutsu, THE Japanese martial art of the ninja. Ninjutsu is a 900-year-old martial art self-defense based martial art. Taekwondo and karate have become a generic term for martial arts. From our experience, when people call and ask about taekwondo and karate what they are really just looking for is a good martial art school for themselves or their child.

Typically, taekwondo and karate schools are tournament or sport martial arts. We don’t do tournaments. We don’t do sport martial art. We teach true leadership skills (through our Leadership curriculum) and solid self-defense.

Are you looking for the best way to stay in shape while learning a practical set of self-defense skills? Then look no further than Quest Martial Arts. You'll enjoy all the benefits AND the modern success tools and techniques of training in a cutting edge Martial Arts program that will help you get in shape fast and learn how to defend yourself against real world threats.

Our classes at Quest Martial Arts will help you sharpen your skills while you learn important tools for a healthy lifestyle and take part in a great fitness program. Our classes help you have fun while you train, keeping you motivated week after week.

Quest Martial Arts Is Perfect No Matter Your Experience Level

Whether you have been training for years or you've never once stepped foot in a dojo, our classes at Quest will help you enjoy all the benefits of Ninjutsu no matter how experienced you are. Our skilled instructors work hard to adapt each lesson for our students to help you get the most out of each class.

You'll quickly learn how to:

  • Punch and strike with efficiency
  • Block opponent attacks
  • Move with agility and speed

PLUS Enjoy The Everyday Benefits Of Ninjutsu

What better way to enjoy the benefits of being active than with our high-energy classes at Quest Martial Arts? These fun and exciting programs will set you up for success by establishing exercise as a normal part of your routine and something you look forward to every day!

You will quickly gain:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Total body strength and flexibility
  • Mental strength and resilience
  • Better health habits for life!

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