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  • Zen and Ninjutsu Share Many Similarities

    "Let us all gain happiness by expelling grief, sorrow, and distress from our hearts. Happiness is the supreme satisfaction that this life offers. Dispel dissatisfaction and sorrow, rethink the source to find happiness." -Takamatsu Sensei The previous Grandmaster of Ninjutsu, Takamatsu Sensei, found a balance in the art and in life. He believed that the ninja follows the laws of nature and commits no violence. Understanding nature and understanding Ninjutsu come hand-in-hand as one progresses in the mastery of the art. Soke Masaaki Hatsumi summarized Takamatsu Sensei's thoughts in his book The Essence of Ninjutsu :
    Develop an enduring Zen spirit and understand its implications
    Become aware ....

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  • Three Important Essentials of Ninjutsu

    Martial Arts and Ninjutsu are about more than just learning techniques, it is also about sharpening and refining the mind and the heart. "In budo, there are three important essentials: first, seeing and knowing oneself, one's own strengths and limitations; second, the sword of discrimination, of decisiveness, for eliminating faults, weaknesses and the unnecessary; and last, the sincerity, feeling, devotion, insight, and understanding of the heart." -Soke Masaaki Hatsumi
    In Ninjutsu, knowing yourself, being decisive, and feeling sincerity are the keys to becoming a true ninja
    In order to fully understand Ninjutsu, understanding yourself must be a priority. You must know where you are your ....

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  • Martial Arts Focus: Develop your Mental Radar

    What is martial arts focus? Martial artists are able achieve amazing feats in their art and in life. This is due to the self-discipline they develop over years of practice and training. Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi relates this focus to the traditional ninjutsu technique of throwing weapons: "For thrown weapons, the mind must act as a kind of radar. Even if the target moves, as long as this 'mental radar' is operating properly, the target's motion is followed perfectly." -Masaaki Hatsumi
    Develop your mental radar and your martial arts focus
    How does one develop that mental radar? A martial artist must develop the awareness of their surroundings in order to react properly to the situation ....

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  • Ninjutsu training for the body and the mind

    Ninjutsu training is not just about training the body, it is also about training the mind. The students at Quest Martial Arts are able to practice both. "There have been numerous moments of later that would have angered me in the past but, due to the mind science training, I have been able to examine objectively and react calmly." -Adult Student How can you connect your mind and body to achieve your best self? Parents, how would your child benefit from thinking more about their actions? Call us at Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor to schedule your first lesson and become part of our family! We have classes for ages 4 and up. Ninjutsu is a self defense based art and our adults love it! Our ....

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  • Ninjutsu Michigan School In Ann Arbor

    Ninjutsu Michigan? Absolutely! Ann Arbor is home to Quest Martial Arts. And we have been teaching ninjutsu since 1998.

    Thousands of students have learned the perseverance, confidence and leadership that a true ninjutsu school provides. We like to say that we teach protectors, not predators. The strong supportive community is modeled on the ninja village.
    Ninjutsu in Michigan - Building A Community
    We are all here to help each other. We are here to gain support form each other. We celebrate our successes. We share our losses - together. If you are looking for confidence, self defense or learning how to become a leader, all in a fun and supportive environment, then you have found the ....

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  • The Martial Arts Family and the Importance of Community

    Students at Quest Martial Arts have found their physical and mental health improving so much that it affects their success in their life too. With the support of our community and our martial arts family, we help everyone succeed together. “Aside from my tremendous improvement in my physical as well as mental health, I have made a number of friends as well as started working at a wonderful job.” -Adult Student From the youngest to the oldest students at Quest Martial Arts, everyone is looking for a community to help them learn and grow and become their best selves. What is your best self?
    The Martial Arts family helps each other reach success
    How do you see yourself ....

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  • Ninjutsu Kamae and the Ninja's Heart

    In ninjutsu, “kamae” refers to the “stance” we hold ourselves in during a technique. At Quest Martial Arts, we understand that a strong kamae results in a strong technique. Our whole body must work in unison in order for us to be at our strongest. “When properly applied, the kamae reflects the ninja's heart. This means that our physical nature conforms to our intentions, and there is no division between our interior and exterior aspects. This state of integrated mind and body action is totally natural, and can be observed readily in the movements of animals as they interact with their environment. Only human beings seem to develop the need to be trained in ....

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  • Inner Balance at Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor

    "Eat a balanced diet. Live a balanced lifestyle." These are statements that are said to everyone in order to help them understand how to be healthy. But what actually is balance? At Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor, we learn how to be balanced both physically and mentally. “The really important thing to realize in budo is that technique alone is worthless if the man loses his equilibrium, his inner balance. If a man does not have some other major strength, it does not matter how far he develops his technical skill - he will be beaten in the end.” -Masaaki Hatsumi
    Become Balanced at Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor
    In the above quote, Soke Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei says that ....

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  • Mind Science Monday: Shugyo - Practice To Personal Improvement

    Shugyo: Determined training that fosters Enlightenment, shugyo at quest martial arts ann arbor That is what 22 of us did on Saturday. 10 amazing hours of training, camaraderie and bonding, finding and surpassing our limits and having a ton of fun. document.createElement('video'); Where are you training in your life for Enlightenment? Do you know where you are going, or even the direction? Find ways to make your life a path to Enlightenment. If you know where you are going the path will appear. If it appears, will you be willing to walk it? What does Enlightenment ....

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  • Martial Arts Ninjutsu Training In Ann Arbor

    Ninja training in Ann Arbor?
    Yes, we have conducted Ninjutsu
    training right here in Ann Arbor
    for almost two decades! Ninjutsu
    , the ancient art if the ninja, has roots that go back 900 years. Ninjutsu
    is a very comprehensive martial art. While most arts only have punching and kicking, our Ninjutsu
    classes have that AND balance taking, joint locks and throws. At our Ninjutsu
    school we call it the “original mixed martial art” in Ann Arbor
    . We often attend martial arts conferences. A number of years ago it was common to hear other school owners share stories of their students becoming bored of their curriculum. As a result, their students would quit. Mixed Martial Arts ....

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