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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kubaton

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kubaton

    At Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor, we teach a variety of weapons as part of our Leadership program. One of the more practical and versatile weapons is the kubotan. Traditionally consisting of a hardened metal rod, typically about 5 and a half inches and slightly bigger around than a pen. It can be held in one hand with the ends sticking out either side of the fist and can be used to strike bones or kyushu (pain points). We even have a keychain version available in our Pro Shop! Image source: ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Self-Discipline

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Self-Discipline

    Imagine what you could accomplish in life if you were able to do the things you know you needed to do, but without someone, parents or boss or even deadlines, telling you to do. At our school our program teaches self-discipline through ninjutsu, helping our students to achieve their fullest potentials—whether at home, work, or school. ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kusari-fundo

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kusari-fundo

    This month in our Leadership program at our school in Ann Arbor focuses on the weapon known as the kusari-fundo. A weapon used during feudal Japan, it consisted of two metal weights (fundo) attached together by a length of chain (kusari), and came in different forms of weights and length of chain. Able to be used to both strike and entangle, what objects around you could you apply your kusari-fundo ninjutsu to? Image source: By Samuraiantiqueworld - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Balance

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Balance

    Ever find yourself wishing to be able to better balance the dynamic parts of your life? At Quest Martial Arts we help teach not only physical balance, but skills and strategies in our Leadership program that will help you better balance the parts of your life—from relationships, to work projects, and more! ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Mindfulness

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Mindfulness

    In the chaos of your daily life, ever wish you had a weapon that could help you see the opportunities you wanted? To help you build better relationships at home or professionally? Or be more aware of your surroundings for safety? Here at Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor, each of our classes teaches not only martial arts, but also a Mind Science section that focuses on Mindfulness topics. ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Stomp Kick

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Stomp Kick

    The stomp kick in ninjutsu is an impressive weapon in the ninja’s arsenal. It is generally delivered to the hips or knees to affect change in the other person’s body structure/balance while keeping the hands free to do other things, and are not like the flashy spin kicks seen in other martial art schools. We teach the stomp kick at our school in Ann Arbor, as well as other forms of kicks and skills designed to leverage situations to our advantage. ....

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  •  in Ann Arbor  - Quest Martial Arts - Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Focus

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Focus

    The ability to focus on the important things in life to achieve the successes you want, be it at home, work, or school, is an important weapon for any ninja. Here at our school in Ann Arbor, our youth and adult martial arts programs help to instill better skills and habits of focus in our students. What aspect of your life today could you use some help focusing on? ....

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  • Zen and Ninjutsu Share Many Similarities

    "Let us all gain happiness by expelling grief, sorrow, and distress from our hearts. Happiness is the supreme satisfaction that this life offers. Dispel dissatisfaction and sorrow, rethink the source to find happiness." -Takamatsu Sensei The previous Grandmaster of Ninjutsu, Takamatsu Sensei, found a balance in the art and in life. He believed that the ninja follows the laws of nature and commits no violence. Understanding nature and understanding Ninjutsu come hand-in-hand as one progresses in the mastery of the art. Soke Masaaki Hatsumi summarized Takamatsu Sensei's thoughts in his book The Essence of Ninjutsu :
    Develop an enduring Zen spirit and understand its implications
    Become aware ....

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  • Three Important Essentials of Ninjutsu

    Martial Arts and Ninjutsu are about more than just learning techniques, it is also about sharpening and refining the mind and the heart. "In budo, there are three important essentials: first, seeing and knowing oneself, one's own strengths and limitations; second, the sword of discrimination, of decisiveness, for eliminating faults, weaknesses and the unnecessary; and last, the sincerity, feeling, devotion, insight, and understanding of the heart." -Soke Masaaki Hatsumi
    In Ninjutsu, knowing yourself, being decisive, and feeling sincerity are the keys to becoming a true ninja
    In order to fully understand Ninjutsu, understanding yourself must be a priority. You must know where you are your ....

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