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  • Young Man Learns to Fight His Inner Demons at Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

    "When I began training I was too negative to maintain a normal healthy friendship. I had very little patience for my peers who couldn't understand what I felt were simple pieces. "I also brought hostile energy to the training floor and the more advanced students knew it. "People are complicated creatures. On one hand they are capable of the greatest acts of creation and on the other hand, they are capable of the greatest acts of destruction. It is a constant battle between the better angel and worst demons that live in all of us. "Sometimes the only way to tame the darkness inside of us to shine the light of compassion on others. "What does it mean to me to be a black belt?:
    To know ....

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  • Starting at Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor as a Woman in her 50's and Following her Heart to Become a Catholic Sister

    "I came to Quest immediately after my 50th birthday - out of shape and unfocused in my life. At Quest I learned to respect myself and others. "Following the Black Belt success cycle I first sold my family home (quite a process during the recession) then followed my heart to become a Catholic sister. "Knowing how to decide the concrete steps to accomplish goals and the importance of a supportive community have been pivotal to my success in all parts of my life. "I am now a Black Belt, the chair of my department, and will take vows with the I.H.M. sisters soon. "Thank you Quest!" -Sister Diane Brown Catholic Sister and College Professor ....

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  • Adult Student with Depression and Anxiety Finds Acceptance and Fun at Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

    "As a man with clinical depression and anxiety disorder, I find myself in everyday life smiling to mask my personal mixture of pain from extreme indifference (depression), the overwhelming feeling that everyone is staring and judging me, and that for some reason I have to please everyone (anxiety). "But, there are some places where I can be where I don't feel this way and my smile is genuine and my anxiety is hushed. "Quest is one such place. "I don't feel like i need to put on a fake smile because i am comfortable and having fun. "I don't feel judged by them, I feel uplifted and bettered by them." -E.M. (adult student) ....

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  • Student Learns Perseverance on the Long Road to Black Belt at Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

    "There's one memory that I always remember whenever I can't get something quite right. We were learning how to backwards roll and I was having tongs of trouble, for some reason I just couldn't get it. My teacher walked over to help me and she was with me as I struggled to do it multiple times. "Then, after lots of instruction something clicked. "I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and rolled. I did a great roll and I looked up and my teacher had the biggest smile on her face. She taught me that when things are tough, quitting isn't the answer, hard work is. "Unfortunately, I wasn't always excited to learn despite what my experiences taught me. Around the time I earned a brown-white ....

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  • Student Learns Focus Helps in School from Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

    "With the application part of Quest and Ninjutsu, I use the focus that we learn when in Level One and the Leadership I apply at my school work and tests. At Quest, if you pay attention and focus in class you will be much more prepared for testing. It's the same at school if you work hard and do the homework you will do well on the test. Alec Lipham (Youth Black Belt) ....

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  • Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kubaton

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kubaton

    At Quest Martial Arts in Ann Arbor, we teach a variety of weapons as part of our Leadership program. One of the more practical and versatile weapons is the kubotan. Traditionally consisting of a hardened metal rod, typically about 5 and a half inches and slightly bigger around than a pen. It can be held in one hand with the ends sticking out either side of the fist and can be used to strike bones or kyushu (pain points). We even have a keychain version available in our Pro Shop! Image source: ....

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  • Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Self-Discipline

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Self-Discipline

    Imagine what you could accomplish in life if you were able to do the things you know you needed to do, but without someone, parents or boss or even deadlines, telling you to do. At our school our program teaches self-discipline through ninjutsu, helping our students to achieve their fullest potentials—whether at home, work, or school. ....

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  • Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kusari-fundo

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Kusari-fundo

    This month in our Leadership program at our school in Ann Arbor focuses on the weapon known as the kusari-fundo. A weapon used during feudal Japan, it consisted of two metal weights (fundo) attached together by a length of chain (kusari), and came in different forms of weights and length of chain. Able to be used to both strike and entangle, what objects around you could you apply your kusari-fundo ninjutsu to? Image source: By Samuraiantiqueworld - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, ....

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  • Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Balance

    Ninja Weapon Wednesday - Balance

    Ever find yourself wishing to be able to better balance the dynamic parts of your life? At Quest Martial Arts we help teach not only physical balance, but skills and strategies in our Leadership program that will help you better balance the parts of your life—from relationships, to work projects, and more! ....

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