martial arts family testimonial

Students at Quest Martial Arts have found their physical and mental health improving so much that it affects their success in their life too. With the support of our community and our martial arts family, we help everyone succeed together. “Aside from my tremendous improvement in my physical as well as mental health, I have […]

Martial Arts Kamae

In ninjutsu, “kamae” refers to the “stance” we hold ourselves in during a technique. At Quest Martial Arts, we understand that a strong kamae results in a strong technique. Our whole body must work in unison in order for us to be at our strongest. “When properly applied, the kamae reflects the ninja’s heart. This […]

Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor

“Earning a black belt at Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor signifies an ending, a beginning, and a celebration and an acknowledgement of the transformation I have undergone. Furthermore, it signifies that I have the ability to persevere and to be connected and in the moment. And finally, it represents a responsibility for me to live […]

Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor has some awesome students! Here is a short video of Kaitlin showing different ways to roll a bo, a core weapon in our martial art. A bo is a 6 foot staff that we use in our art of ninjutsu. However, Ninjutsu has many weapons. Each month we study one […]