Ninjutsu Michigan

Ninjutsu Michigan? Absolutely! Ann Arbor is home to Quest Martial Arts. And we have been teaching ninjutsu since 1998. Thousands of students have learned the perseverance, confidence and leadership that a true ninjutsu school provides. We like to say that we teach protectors, not predators. The strong supportive community is modeled on the ninja village. […]

martial arts ann arbor

“Eat a balanced diet. Live a balanced lifestyle.” These are statements that are said to everyone in order to help them understand how to be healthy. But what actually is balance? At Quest Martial Arts Ann Arbor, we learn how to be balanced both physically and mentally.   “The really important thing to realize in […]

Ann Arbor Adult Karate

Ann Arbor Adult Karate? When I came to my first Ann Arbor Adult Karate class I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t even know what martial art I was doing. Weren’t they all called “karate”? My only previous experience had been a couple 30-minute […]