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That’s not just our opinion, we hear it a lot. Our students tell us that, parents of students tell us that, and students and teachers at other schools tell us so. In fact, we have had a number of high-ranking taekwondo and karate teachers come to us to get the training that only we can provide.

The self-defense system we teach, ninjitsu, is considered by many to be the most effective self-defense martial art available anywhere.


We opened our dojo (training hall) in 1998 with a vision of having a supportive community environment that enables our students to learn the most effective self-defense system available while developing life skills of leadership, goal setting, perseverance, team-building, and self-discipline. Over and over students have reported on the warm welcoming atmosphere combined with the effective teaching style that enables them to look forward to their classes and experience. Noticeable improvement in their martial arts skills AND their lives outside of Quest, whether in their families, at work, or at school.

Here we are, almost 20 years later, having the honor of assisting thousands of students toward accomplishing their goals while developing confidence and becoming a brighter presence in the larger community.

Our community support extends to free “School Talks” that we do helping school teachers encourage their students in developing the three qualities of a black belt: self-discipline, focus, and respect. We also support local charities such as Food Gatherers and theatrical productions and require every student to do Acts of Kindness as part of their belt test requirements. We understand the importance of working together with our students and the larger community to create a safe and positive environment for all.


One of our principles, and is a central part of our school, is the ability to take ANYONE at their level of fitness, athletic ability, and risk concern and get them to black belt excellence and proficiency, in martial arts and in life.

Through your martial arts training with us, you will improve your body, mind, and spirit. At Quest Martial arts, fitness is one reason why people join us. The personal growth, the community and the fun is why they stay.

Join our community now and change your life or the life of your child. Come in to Quest- Martial Arts in Ann Arbor for Martial Arts Classes For Kids, Teens, Adults; Self-Defense Training, Ninjitsu, & Taekwondo. Located at 2111 Packard Rd., Suite E Ann Arbor, MI 48104!

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