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Martial Arts Ninjutsu Training In Ann Arbor

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Ninja training in Ann Arbor?

Yes, we have conducted Ninjutsu training right here in Ann Arbor for almost two decades! Ninjutsu, the ancient art if the ninja, has roots that go back 900 years. Ninjutsu is a very comprehensive martial art. While most arts only have punching and kicking, our Ninjutsu classes have that AND balance taking, joint locks and throws. At our Ninjutsu school we call


it the “original mixed martial art” in Ann Arbor. adults-imgWe often attend martial arts conferences. A number of years ago it was common to hear other school owners share stories of their students becoming bored of their curriculum. As a result, their students would quit. Mixed Martial Arts came about as a response to the need to have a more challenging curriculum. Ninjutsu has always been a full art. It is a coherent and complete self defense system that has been battle tested for centuries. It is not just a collection of techniques from various marital arts, but truly a system for success! One aspect of Ninjutsu is our ground defense training. Women and children need this vital self defense skill, even here in Ann Arbor. When women are attacked a likely result is that it will end up on the ground. If she doesn't know how to win from the ground the result can be tragic. For children, fights end up on the ground very often. If your child knows how to escape when they are on the ground they will be much more likely to come home safe. Our Ninjutsu classes are complete self defense system. That means you will get the very best training in the very best martial art, here in Ann Arbor. Our instructors go to Japan to train directly with the 34th ninja Grandmaster, Masaaki Hatsumi. We want authentic training that is directly from the source.

5th Degree Testing by Grandmaster Maasaki Hatsumi You benefit from our years of training, travel and attention to detail. We teach you the true ninja martial arts. And the classes are FUN!

Ninjutsu training helps you learn to be relaxed and fully focused at the same time.

How would your life be if you were more relaxed and your mind had increased focus?

How would your career improve? How would your relationships improve?

How would your child's grades, and thus their opportunities in life improve?


Come train in our Ninjutsu school, located just outside of downtown Ann Arbor if:

You want to have a ton of fun

While you learn the best self defense system available that will

Give you, or your child confidence by

Learning life skills that will enable you to take advantage of opportunities to

Attain any goal you may have

Maximize Your Strength & Discipline

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