Keith Copeland

Keith traveled to Japan and earned his Shidoshi (a teacher of teachers) from the Ninja Grandmaster, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, 34th Ninjutsu Grandmaster (the original and authentic ninja martial arts). Keith has been training in ninjutsu for over two decades. 

Keith along with his wife, Donna, opened Quest Martial Arts in 1998. Keith has also studied Kung Fu and Wu style Tai Chi Chuan.

In 1993 Keith also opened Copeland and Associates, Inc., an organizational improvement company. Copeland and Associates consultants clients that include many Fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Verizon, General Dynamics, Navistar Truck Company, Autoliv and many more. Keith consults on many issues such as leadership development, teams, communication, succession planning and organizational re-design.

Keith holds a Master’s of Science degree in Organization Development/ Human Resource Management.

Keith is the author of the book, “The Path To Yourself, The Inner Search For Outer Meaning”, “Success@Business” ebook, ‘Patterns of Success” online life success home study course, “Elements of Success” DVD of personality preference and behavior tool and has also written articles in Martial Arts Professional magazine.

Donna Copeland

Building a martial arts school has provided Donna a unique opportunity to put all of her skills and talents into one project. Quest is an extra-special place because of the strong community atmosphere that Donna and Keith have worked diligently to create.

Not only do students have an excellent physical workout, not only are they learning the most effective martial art available, not only is their facility the most beautiful and clean in the state, Quest Martial Arts is a place where dreams are nurtured and turned into reality, students are supported, real meaningful skills like communication and teamwork are taught and modeled, and, Quest keeps getting better.

Helping others fulfill their potential is a passion for Donna. From a childhood filled with serving others through the youth organization of Camp Fire Boys and Girls where she earned the prestigious Wo-He-Lo Medallion through her adulthood, Donna believes in helping people become more of what they are capable of. For Donna’s Wo-He-Lo Medallion projects she renovated a cabin for nature study at a children’s camp, she spoke out about rights of the handicapped, and she also led her own group of Camp Fire youth for an entire school year doing everything from planning their meeting topics and orchestrating a camping weekends with the children. All this was done before Donna was 18 years old. A leader at a young age.

Fast forward through a bachelors degree (with honors) from Easter Michigan University in Recreation Management, a six week cross-cultural exchange trip to Russia in 1991, leading youth mini-adventure trips, and ropes course team building facilitation. After graduation, Donna joined forces with Keith Copeland doing organization consulting and training. She learned her attention to detail and structured focus enabled her to excel at material design and production. Donna earned many kudos in her work with technical design and development but she constantly turned back toward what really mattered most to her…people.

Donna believes that improvement must be continuous and never ending; both in herself and her organization.

Our Instructors

All instructors at Quest Martial Arts go through a rigorous training program to develop the leadership and instructional skills necessary to inspire and teach our amazing students. Becoming an instructor is a multi-year training program that involves understanding all aspects of teaching including safety, positive discipline, and creating enthusiasm. 

Each instructor experiences hundreds of hours of training and hands-on experiential learning to enable them to develop the skills necessary to become a Quest-certified instructor. All of our instructors receive personal training from Keith and Donna in order to continue the high quality student experience that Quest Martial Arts is known for!