Martial Arts For Kids (Karate For Kids)

Karate for Kids

Ann Arbor karate for kids classes are the best in the area. We hear it all the time! You child will learn:

  • Self defense
  • Self-discipline
  • Focus
  • Respect

All in a fun and appropriately challenging community

We have many classes available for kids of all ages.
Below is a listing of the programs that we offer at Quest Martial Arts.


For children in the approximate developmental stage of four years.

One class per week of 30 minutes.

Focus on developing appropriate life skills

  • cooperative play-social skill
  • sequencing/ordering-intellectual skill
  • expression-emotional skill
  • control

Focus on developing appropriate physical skills

  • balance
  • coordination
  • working around obstacles
  • safe rolling


Kids that lack confidence have a much harder time then children with high self-esteem.
Children that lack interpersonal skills are at a severe disadvantage over kids that have them. They are much more likely to feel like “outsiders”, be shut out from peer groups and may become targets for bullying. Many are “left behind” because they just don’t know how to make friends and make appropriate decisions in relation to other children.

Our programs are developmentally specific. We look at the individual, where they are, their particular needs and what will serve them best. Utilizing our almost 20 years of training and experience in human behavior and learning theory, we have designed each program to help you get the help, guidance and support you need to give your child every advantage they need to succeed.

For example, socialization is critical for any person to get their needs met in life. We all must learn to work with others to get what we want. A key part of our Ninjas program is designed to provide your child with a series of experiences to build the skills to successfully integrate and excel in their peer group.

Our classes have drills that provide a framework for understanding how people interact and cooperate. Students learn through direct experience effective behavior and strategies for success. Your child will also learn to appropriately ask for what they need. This is a crucial thing to learn at a young age. We teach all this in a positive and supportive environment.

We guide your child through well-designed and facilitated classes that will build strong social skills. Your child will also learn basic skills like Balance, Coordination, Respect, Self-Discipline and a host of other skills that begin preparing them for life.

We want your child to become an integrated, happy person. If that is your desire, then call us today, make an appointment and let’s get your child everything they need to succeed!

Cool Kids

In our Ninjas program, children learn basic skills like Balance, Coordination, Respect, Self-Discipline and a host of other skills that begin preparing them life.

In our Cool Kids program they learn a lot more!
Parents tell us stories about their child when they come to our school. Many of the stories are about how their child is having a lot of trouble keeping their grades up. They know their child can do better. These parents tell us of the concern, and sometimes the fear, that their son or daughter will not live up to their potential, or even fall behind.

Other parents tell us of how their child has “trouble fitting in” with the kids around the neighborhood. They are either too shy or they can’t control themselves and are always getting into trouble! This is a very hard thing to watch. Knowing your child can have so much more in their life, but not sure how to help them get it.

Teaching children is an art. And we are the best in Ann Arbor! We have been told that countless times.

Our martial arts classes have an almost “magical” affect on our students. It never fails to amaze me how each child gets just what they need to become their best.

For example, we have helped hundreds of children who are painfully shy. They discover their inner strength and personal value through the consistent praise, the increasing challenges and the feeling of community and inclusiveness that is in our classes by design.

At the other end of the scale, we help the child who has a tough time understanding boundaries and appropriate self expression and behavior. They find that they are listened to (which is a main reason children act out) in a way that validates their uniqueness and individuality. They learn self control, self discipline and team skills through drills and group activities.

In short, kid’s martial arts gives benefits you won’t find in any other activity. Soccer, baseball, hockey and other team sports are great, but they are extremely limited for giving your child the full, rounded education he or she deserves. It isn’t just about fitness. That is always part of karate for kids.

Our martial art classes for children give the experience of learning about yourself, exploring what you learn, guidelines for living and principles for success all wrapped up in a very fun package that will pay your child, and you, dividends for the rest of their life.

Do yourself and your child a favor. Call right NOW to get the benefits your child needs today!

Here’s a belt tying lesson to get you started!