Martial Arts for Teens

Teens – “STORM” Martial arts class in Ann Arbor

Adolescence is a tough time. This is the time when your body is changing, your chemistry is changing and you are realizing that mom and dad are more real people than super heroes, and it is all just very confusing.

Your child is not an adult, but they are also NOT a child (as much as we might like to think of them like that:) It is a time of self discovery, change, peer pressure and self doubt. Adolescence is a pivotal time in anyone’s life. We understand that we are individuals but usually we desperately want to identify with something.

And to make it worse, all of our friends are going through the same thing and feeling the same way. There is a strong pull to control our worlds and those in it. It is a time when we have the most potential, and we are the most vulnerable.

Many adolescents get pulled into negative and self destructive behaviors and ways of thinking. As much as I dislike admitting it (I’m a parent too!) adolescents are exposed to drugs, dangerous behavior and sex. All this can be tempting for them because they are trying to understand and define themselves.

At Quest Martial Arts we know all these things to be true. And, that is why we have designed the STORM class curriculum. One reason we call it STORM is because that is the way it can feel sometimes at that age.

We have over a combined 40 years experience in human behavior. We know human behavior, adult and child learning theory and instructional design. We were professionals in human behavior and instructional design a decade BEFORE we opened our school!

In our classes kids get martial arts fitness. But, the karate lessons are designed around life skills lessons and messages too! We call them our “Mind Science” curriculum. Each class we deliver a topic that is focused on self esteem, goals setting, contribution, leadership, self-actualization and many more profound, very understandable and usable life skills.

And earning martial arts belts are a great motivator! Students learn the value of setting and attaining goals, short term (beginner belts) and long term goals (black belts and advanced black belts). Other “sports” or activities fall short on clearly teaching goal attainment and perseverance.

All this wrapped is into the best self defense classes in Ann Arbor! Your child will learn the most effective self defense system available. And it is, by design, tons of fun.

Our students:

Learn the value of commitment

Discover themselves in a healthy and supportive environment

Learn how to work with others cooperatively towards individual AND common goals

Learn valuable life skills constantly

Learn goal setting and perseverance

Have TONS of FUN!


Martial arts schools are not created equal. We have been here for two decades and have helped thousands of people, young and not so young find more meaning and success in their lives.

Do you want your child to learn to be self confident and become a leader? Do you want to give your child their very best chance at having a great life?

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